PPNNE is committed to ensuring young people have access to the education and information they need to make healthy choices. We believe teens must play an instrumental role in designing and implementing PPNNE’s community education initiatives.

Peer Educators, Staff and Volunteers at the Vermont Pride Parade
Laci Green Filming for A Naked Notion
A Peer Educator at our Teen Pregnancy Prevention event with Lund in VT.

Education has been an integral part of our mission for decades. In 2015, PPNNE engaged young people and the communities we serve through intern and greeter opportunities, community events, educational programs, and other outreach. We also used online platforms and social media to increase communicate important public health messages and reach young people where they are at.

A highlight of our work to engage young people last year was the continued growth of our popular informational video series, “A Naked Notion.” By the end of 2015, our YouTube channel had 50,000 subscribers and the 62 videos had been seen by more than 5 million lifetime views. www.youtube.com/anakednotion

At PPNNE, teens play an instrumental role in designing and implementing  community education initiatives. This is a highly effective way to help young people to effectively access the health information they need. Our New Hampshire and Vermont  Peer Education programs train youth to deliver life-changing sexuality education in schools, community groups and through one-on-one interactions. Student participants receive extensive training and continuous support from our staff. They learn and share accurate information about healthy relationships, body image, sexuality, reproductive health, and more. In 2015 in Vermont, our 16 Peer Educators conducted more than 2,600 conversations with their peers who had sexual health-related questions or concerns, and they participated in 29 educational events, reaching more 1,200 people.

In 2015, PPNNE continued to participate in and support the Coalition for Adolescents and Teens for Comprehensive Health or “CATCH.” CATCH brings together a variety of local organizations that seek to empower teens with the resources they need to make healthy, informed life choices and to promote overall wellness.

PPNNE’s Education Department and the Vermont Agency of Education established a partnership to develop and implement a program to provide support and professional development for targeted school districts on sexual health services. This is an exciting collaboration which we expect to create new opportunities with Vermont schools.

And, across PPNNE’s health center communities in all three states, our staff conduct outreach activities to raise visibility, bring services and education to underserved, at-risk women, men and teens and deepen referral relationships with other organizations that serve low income or young people. This work has helped to fuel the number of women who are aware of and seeking  highly effective contraceptive options such as the IUD and Implant, that PPNNE expertly provides.

A Naked Notion

“I have to say my life has changed a lot ever since I started watching your videos. I have become sexually active but because of your videos, they made me more confident in talking to my mother and being honest with her (the conversation though awkward was good and she’s happy I was honest. It’s also helped my mom to be more open with my younger sister so that she doesn’t have to go through the same confusion I did when I was younger. Thanks so much for doing these videos!!” – ANN viewer